Ivona Bruun and Martina Gordon are sisters, fashion models and jewelry designers born in former Czechoslovakia who are as different in their aesthetics and personalities as they are alike.  Where they merge is in their appreciation of all things beautiful. And their shared love of jewelry. I’M Jewel is a collection of designs born from their desire for pieces they wanted to own but could not find. So with Ivona in Denmark and Martina in New York City, they bridged the distance to create a line of jewelry that is an expression of their childhood memories growing up in Slovakia combined with their personal experiences, world travels and distinctly individual styles. Each piece is infused with Martina’s raw, iconoclastic sensibility and Ivona’s rich and under- stated way.


The result is equal measures bold glamour and edgy, irreverent wit; designs that are intelligent, elemental, modern and always beautiful. IM Jewelry is fabricated in the Czech Republic for the exceptional quality that reflects centuries of jewelry-making tradition and devotion to handcrafted detail; a depth of knowledge and skill that adds lasting value.